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It’s suddenly winter

(For the meditation gathering at Otago University)

Glenn Carstens-Peters







It’s suddenly winter and it’s suddenly cold.

The wind bites through our clothes.

Are we prepared for this?

Did I wear enough layers?

Did you?

Did I remember my gloves?

Did you?

Have I remembered how to live,

how to thrive in this season

that is new, yet as old as time?

Have you?


Recall the feeling of the wind

Recall the feeling of the rain

The cold-footed sensation of stepping in a puddle

The blast of wind as a door is opened.

Do you remember the joy of falling snow?


Experiences shared

Acknowledged through conversations spoken

Acknowledged through ironic smiles almost hidden by scarves

You are not alone in this

I am not alone.

We are not alone.




Looking back, where have I found a source of warmth?

Through a person? A relationship?

Through activity that warms my core,

even if my extremities remain chilled.

In front of a fire; or radiant heater.

In warm water.

In a patch of sunshine.


Remember that sensation

What is the source of such warmth?

What energy lies behind it?

What goodness?

What grace?


Today, in this moment

What brings warmth and goodness and grace?


Today, in this moment

How do I express gratitude for warmth and goodness and grace?


Today, in this moment

How can I share warmth and goodness and grace?


As we leave this place

May we take a sense of gratitude for warmth and goodness and grace

May we share that warmth and goodness and grace

With all who journey, all who seek to survive, all who seek to thrive.


Lynne is Jack Somerville Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at Otago University; Director and Researcher for AngelWings Ltd; and, most importantly, wife-of-Steve; mumma of Shannon and Kayli; and daughter, sister, friend, aunt (and other essential relational connections). She’s passionate about helping people discover and grow in relationship with God. Also coffee. And creativity. And sunrises. Beaches. All sorts of good things.

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