Lynne Taylor

Reflecting on life and spirituality

Thanks for stopping by my blog! This is a spot where I share some thoughts about life, spirituality, mission and ministry.

I live in Dunedin with (hubby) Steve, and our young adult daughters. And a cat. (Don't forget the cat.) l love our views of the harbour, as well as the birds that serenade us daily.

Work-wise, I like variety, which is just as well! I'm Somerville Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at Otago University; co-leader of Student Soul (a student congregation); and I also do a little research and consultancy for various not-for-profits - churches and denominational agencies mostly.

I grew up in Christchurch, and have also lived in Auckland and Adelaide.

Overall, I'm passionate about helping people connect with God; and about seeing them become the people that God has made them to be.

Lynne Taylor

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amazing, fantastic and super cool.

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