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I’m doing a bit of a catch up here! Here’s an article I co-wrote, on writing. Back in June 2021, Steve Taylor, Elaine Heath, Nigel Rooms and I each gave a ten-minute presentation on missional writing at the Ecclesial Futures International Missional Research Workshops. Following that, I suggested we co-author an article on writing and we worked on it together over several weeks. The article was peer reviewed and published in the international journal Ecclesial Futures. (It’s a great journal – diamond open access, so free to publish and free to read.)

The article is a practical piece that talks about various stages of the writing and editing process. It draws on Helen Sword’s BASE habits of writing (behavioural, artisanal, social, and emotional), outlines two different approaches to writing, gives some practical insights on how to deal with the dreaded stuck-ness that can occur in writing, and then provides a step-by-step guide to responding to peer review comments.

You can read it here: https://ecclesialfutures.org/article/download/11879/13417/24330

Taylor, Lynne, Elaine Heath, Nigel Rooms, and Steve Taylor (2021). “Courageous, Purposeful and Reflexive: Writing as a Missional and Emergent Task.” Ecclesial Futures 2 (2):  99-119.



Lynne is Jack Somerville Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at Otago University; Director and Researcher for AngelWings Ltd; and, most importantly, wife-of-Steve; mumma of Shannon and Kayli; and daughter, sister, friend, aunt (and other essential relational connections). She’s passionate about helping people discover and grow in relationship with God. Also coffee. And creativity. And sunrises. Beaches. All sorts of good things.

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