Research Leave 2021

I’m “off” on Research Leave in a week’s time. I’ve been granted 5 months leave from teaching and regular admin responsibilities, in order to advance some research and writing projects. It’s exciting!

I get to spend most of my Research Leave in a beautiful University city, staying in a house with views of the harbour. My family will be with me, I’ve got fully equipped offices at both home and at the university, library access, the use of a bike, car and camping gear. I’ll arrive without needing to pack or unpack, and there’s no jetlag! Yeah, I’m staying home in Dunedin 🙂

There will be adventures, fun, learning, reading, writing and primary research.

No need to pack! #reallyhere

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Lynne is Jack Somerville Senior Lecturer in Pastoral Theology at Otago University; Director and Researcher for AngelWings Ltd; and, most importantly, wife-of-Steve; mumma of Shannon and Kayli; and daughter, sister, friend, aunt (and other essential relational connections). She’s passionate about helping people discover and grow in relationship with God. Also coffee. And creativity. And sunrises. Beaches. All sorts of good things.